From 1 July, the Ukrainians have increased the pension: who and how many added

С 1 июля украинцам повысили пенсию: кому и сколько добавили

The pension Fund has conducted a recalculation of the pension payments from 1 July 2020, in connection with the increase of the subsistence minimum for persons incapacitated, from 1638 to 1712 UAH UAH.

For non-working pensioners increase the minimum old-age pension, surcharge for excess length. This was reported by the press service of the Pension Fund.

Regardless of whether the person works or not, from 1 July will increase the amount to pensions, allowances, promotions, pensions for special merits before Ukraine and other additional payments, which are based on the subsistence minimum.

Size of increase of pensions according to the results of the recalculation depends on which components are included in pension payments, amounts of the subsistence minimum.

The social pension will also increase to 1,712 USD. It is given to those Ukrainians who have reached retirement age, but not gained enough experience to receive social benefits.

Minimum pension:

1 January 2020 — 1638 UAH.

from 1 July 2020 — 1712 UAH.

from 1 December 2020 — 1769 UAH.

Payment of pensions listed will be held from the 4th of July.

As reported, from July 1, 2020 once again the Ukrainians raise the cost of living.