From 17 to 27 September Tarot forecast for the luck signs of the Zodiac

С 17 по 27 Сентября таро прогноз на удачу Знакам Зодиака

Lucky signs of the zodiac in mid-September

September — time to summarize the past summer and prepare for winter cold. Must find time to do all the calculations, pay off debts and restore order in the house. In what sphere of life to pay close attention?

In it the representatives of different zodiac signs will help Tarot forecast. Thanks to a system of signs, you can know your future, find answers to unresolved issues.

Tarot cards are divided into the major and minor Arcana. What major Arcana determine September future of man.

The rams should remain steadfast and not to succumb to suggestions from a stranger. Their card the Hermit advises to stay alone with my own thoughts and ponder the solution to the problem yourself.

Taurus card Power promises a speedy recovery and courage in difficult situations. Health problems will be left behind. It’s time to make a decision on an issue that has long been hanging in the air.

The twins get the symbol of Moderation. The name speaks for itself. In September poumerte his ardor. Do not get involved in conflicts and keep a sense of proportion in everything.

Cancers will be satisfied in the period from 17 to 27 September, because their map Star. Predicts healing from illness and good health, as well as possible assistance from the side. For any question you can always refer to colleagues for advice and assistance.

Lions in the middle of autumn can count on a promotion or increase in wages. Representatives of this sign will be able to skilfully extract the lessons from past mistakes to not repeat them in the future. Their symbol Court.

Virgo falls map of the Sun. Not only that, all the planets in September are on their side, so the map is still Sun promises a happy holiday or a wedding.

Libra, the planned trip or travel, you can safely send in the path. Map of the World promises them a good road and an unforgettable adventure. The card also promises liberation from the accumulated and unnecessary stuff. Time to restore order and cleanliness in the house.

Scorpions can be cheated by a close person in the period from 17 to 27 September. Their map of the Moon carries the lies, secrets and hypocrisy. You should be careful with words.

The archers are at the point where new life begins. They will change for the better and favorable forecasts in all spheres of activities. Help in this symbol the Wheel of Fortune.

Capricorn in September will help their organizational skills, obstinacy and strength of will. Whatever the cause they undertook, they can expect success, because of the fallen Arcana, the Chariot.

Aquarius in mid-September needs to weigh the pros and cons about the proposals not so long ago from the head. Whatever the answer was not given, the situation will be resolved in your favor. Will help the symbol of the Emperor.

Fish drops a good card Lovers. Means establishing relationships, loyalty and passion. Representatives of the water sign will make the right choice.