From any illness protects orange juice

Scientists from Hogenesch and Kiel universities Germany BB prove that drinking a glass of orange juice per day effectively strengthens the immune system and prevent risks of certain diseases, particularly cancer, cardiovascular disorders and gout.

От каких болезней защищает апельсиновый сок

Recently, the juices began to criticized by nutritionists for the high content of fructose that is harmful primarily in the presence of excess weight. But the German researchers concluded that a glass of orange juice a day does not contribute to weight gain. When the body increases bioavailability of the nutrients contained in orange juice, for example, carotenoids.

Pigments-carotenoids are called “vitamins of longevity.” Their consumption protects against lung cancer supports healthy vision systems. Experiments scientists have shown that orange juice the body absorbs the carotenoids better than orange fruits.

According to experts, the combination of carotenoids with high content of vitamin C and flavonoids in orange juice effectively reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases.

Has also been found that regular consumption of orange juice can prevent the crystallization of uric acid in the joints and tissues and thereby protect against the development of gout. This ability juice the researchers associated with a high concentration of vitamin C and the flavonoid hesperidin.

In addition, scientists said, the body learns well from orange of three juice potassium, folic acid, and polyphenolic compounds.