From BOAZ said, what masowe povernennya oubaali on stadon can become a “catastrophe”

У ВООЗ заявили, що масове повернення уболівальників на стадіони може стати "катастрофою"

Director Seswg receptionists health organization (WHO) z nadzwyczajny situations in the region receptionists health protection Michael Ryan perekonnanimi scho masowe povernennya oubaali on stadon Mauger obernutsya disaster.

“The bike skupcina people 40, 50, 60 tis. cholovik. TSE is not just people operetsja on stadon, the stench will koristuvacha gromadski transport vddat Bari I the club. Uavt sobi VSI problems, that we at once . z NCName clubs bars a, ( VI with all TSE in chotiroh ABO n of echodyne Zahid, if thousands of people duty on one I that the public transport to MCCA the holding the sunset, take part in social aspects. TSE Mauger mother catastrophe naski”, is to direct the words of Ryan

Note that when using the pandemic coronavirus a number turnrow Buli brasovan ABO perenesen. Velik futbolin zmahannya will prohoditi without oubaali.