From boy to woman: star of “Mad men” January Jones showed baby photo

The actress laughed at their childish hairstyles.

Из мальчика в женщину: звезда «Безумцев» Дженьюари Джонс показала детские фото

January Jones shared a series of archival photographs in Instagram and commented on how changing her hair. In the first photo of little John’s imprinted in red shirt and with short hair like boys.

That’s what happens when you go to the pool and realize that not took a styling gel. And it’s filmed

— signed frame actress.

Then January shared second photo — the times of elementary school, when she, too, wore the so-called “soft spikes”.

Put gel in my hair, but by the time of the shooting, he eroded, and the hair doesn’t look great. But I’m making up for it with a big smile,

— continued the star.

Later, Jones posted the third picture where she has longer hair. The actress said that the curls in the back — the result of a bad Perm. Another pictures of grown-up January posing with another variation of a favorite haircut:

This, I thought, and then I got copies of everything.

Comments were pricked in their children’s images of the actress. “I love that you shared such rare photos!”, “It was interesting to see”, “How sweet of Jen!” — spoken by the subscribers Jones.