From-for scandal with blackfathom Trudeau decided to skip your favorite Halloween this year (PHOTOS)

Из-за скандала с блэкфейсом Трюдо решил пропустить свой любимый Хэллоуин в этом году (ФОТО)

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has always loved dressing up for Halloween and with their children went trick-or-treating. But this year, after a scandal with a photo where he superimposed blackface makeup, he decided to skip the celebration (at least public).

Blackface — a kind of theatrical makeup that was used in shows, theatrical productions and vaudeville, and was a caricature of a face of a black man.

Secretary to the Prime Minister said that Trudeau will celebrate the holiday with their children, but to be photographed or to visit Rideau Hall will not.

His newfound restraint to be photographed in costume on the night of ghouls and goblins came after a humiliating opening during the recent election campaign that Trudeau at least three times in his youth was struck blackface makeup.

During the first weeks of the campaign the liberals had a hard time, then was posted on the Internet a photograph of Trudeau and blackfathom school Yearbook, it was supposedly part of the Aladdin costume, worn to a party, 2001 at the Arabian Nights at a private school in Vancouver where he was a teacher.

And then another picture and video teen Trudeau and blackfathom saw the light, more harm to his image of a man who equality and diversity.

After the publication of the pictures Trudeau apologized, noting that in those moments he did not understand that blackface is an act of racism.

Trudeau is known for its love dressing up for Halloween with my family. Only in recent years, he was Han Solo from Star wars, and the pilot of “the Little Prince”, and Clark Kent’s under the clothes was hidden a Superman costume.