From Forrest Gump to ‘Game of thrones’: 10 places to visit for movie lovers

Where to watch house of Luke Skywalker, where to go in search of the Grail and what is the point on the map brings together the James bond films and bollywood? RBC provides answers specifically for fans of the “Harry Potter”, “Game of thrones”, “Memoirs of a geisha” and other films.

От Форреста Гампа до 'Игры престолов': 10 мест, которые стоит посетить любителям кино

“Forrest Gump” were filmed in Savannah. Photo: a video frame YouTube/Paramount Movies

“Rocky 3” — Philadelphia, USA

  • Directed By Sylvester Stallone, 1982

The main exhibit of the art Museum of Philadelphia is a statue of rocky Balboa. Commercial Museum Director Stephanie Naidoff in comments to The New York Times noted that rocky attracts record number of tourists and residents, many of whom then buy a ticket for the tour. The Colorado sculptor Thomas Schomberg, sculpting athletes, has created a figure of bronze in 1982 for the filming of “rocky 3”. In this and other films about the boxer many episodes take place on the stairs of the art Museum. In 1996 before the summer Games in Atlanta at the famous steps that rocky passed the torch relay. The place of installation of the statue changed several times, until 2005, she was in a Museum warehouse, and in November 2006 returned to the stairs.

“The Shawshank redemption” — Mansfield, Ohio

  • Director Frank Darabont, 1994

The film, which takes place in Maine, almost entirely filmed in the small town of Mansfield in Ohio. Director Frank Darabont and author Stephen king chose to shoot the city jail, which is about 100 years served as a correctional institution of the state and was closed in 1990. Darabont and king was attracted by the Gothic architecture of old buildings. Mansfield prison appeared on screen before — in the films “Harry and Walter followed in new York” (1976) and “tango and cash” (1989), but became famous after the filming of “the Shawshank redemption”. On the website of the correctional institution you can learn about the movies shot here and the video clips, take a tour and buy Souvenirs.

Forrest Gump — Savannah, GA

  • Director Robert Zemeckis, 1994

Episodes in which Forrest Gump sitting on a bench in the Park and shares his thoughts and memories with strangers, filmed in Savannah. It was founded in 1733 by order of General Edward Oglethorpe and became known as the first American city designed according to a clear plan. The Chippewa Park, where the film’s protagonist reflects on life, located in the historic centre. Here you can walk, but to sit on the famous bench will fail — after filming it was moved to the historical Museum in Savannah.

“Star wars: Episode 4 — a New hope” — Tunisia

  • Director George Lucas, 1977

The creators of “Star wars” left of the scenery on the set, in the Sahara desert. Gradually fantastic design — towers, chimneys, alien of the building became part of the landscape. Tunisia tours that cover all the locations: from city Catavina, where was located the house of the mother of Anakin Skywalker, to Tozeur and Matmata, where Luke lived. In honor Catavina the creators of “Star wars” fictional planet called spaceport.

“Indiana Jones and the last crusade” — Petra, Jordan

  • Director Steven Spielberg, 1989

The episode with the treasure of the Holy Grail filmed in the temple of El-Khazneh (“Treasury”) in Petra. Behind a massive facade carved into the sandy rock a small hidden Royal tomb. To remove the search for the Holy Grail in the small sanctuary was impossible, so the screen shows the real entrance to the Khazneh, and all further action which the plot takes place inside the temple, set against the backdrop of the scenery. The canyon of the Crescent moon through which the heroes make their way to the third story about Indiana Jones, actually exists. This gorge of the Siq is the most amazing natural attraction of Petra, according to National Geographic. A canyon with a depth of 76 m leads directly to the entrance of the temple.

“Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban” — Glencoe, Scotland

  • Director Alfonso Cuarón, 2004

In 2003 during the filming of the third film based on the books by JK Rowling in the valley of Glencoe built a hut of Hagrid. The hotel Clachaig Inn overlooks the place where the dwelling of the Forester. Glencoe — one of the favorite shooting locations of cinematographers. Here filmed the first part of the Saga of Highlander Duncan Maclaud, Comedy “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, part of the scenes of the 23rd film about James bond “007: coordinates Skayfoll””. In 2007, the valley returned crew of the “Harry Potter” to shoot the seventh film about the boy wizard. Scottish natural landmark appeared in bollywood film “Everything in life happens”.

“Memoirs of a geisha”, Kyoto, Japan

  • Director Rob Marshall, 2005

In the film adaptation of the novel shows the famous sights of Kyoto is a temple complex kiyomizudera and hundreds of red gates of a Shrine Fushimi Inari Shrine. In the “gion Corner”, where she lived the heroine of the film, still lives 260 geisha. In this institution are satisfied with the program, on the seven kinds of Japanese traditional performing arts. Also in Kyoto, you can visit the film Studio Toei Movie Land and try on the costumes of the main characters of the film.

“Mad Max: fury Road” in Namibia

  • Director George Miller, 2015

Filmmakers often shoot in Namibia: red Sands of the oldest desert, the Namib, which was formed about 80 million years ago, appear in the “Flight of the Phoenix”, the “Space Odyssey” and “10 000 years BC”. However, filming on Mad Max sparked disagreement between environmental scientists and the government. The independent expert Joe Henschel at the conclusion of the level of harm caused by the production of the film the ecosystem of the Namib, noted that the government had given the crew permission before the adoption of the law on the status of a national Park Dorob. However, the tourists-fans traveling to Africa, you can visit the filming location of the blockbuster.

“Doctor Strange” — Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Director Scott Derrickson, 2016

Scott Derrickson chose Kathmandu for the filming of kamar-Taj — a mystical monastery, where lives the high Warlock of her followers. “In the world there is no other place so free from the influence of Western civilization,” says Derrickson Radio Times. Once in Kathmandu, travelers can walk the same path that brought the hero Benedict Cumberbatch in the mysterious abode of Ancient Teachers. The shooting took place on the streets, in the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and the square of Patan Durbar. Operators took photos of tourists and locals, cows, dogs and monkeys. One of the streets then reproduced at the Studio in Surrey, to show how Stephen strange from the real world gets in the Holy kamar-Taj, created with the help of decorations. In the scene of mounted photos taken in Nepal.

“Game of thrones” — Iceland

  • Directors David Nutter, Alan Taylor, etc., 2011-2019

In Iceland was filmed key scenes of the series “Game of thrones” with the participation of the Night’s watch and the Wildlings — the inhabitants of the lands beyond the Wall. The popularity of the show has had a radical impact on the country’s tourist sector: on the set of your favorite series every year arrives more than a million travelers. The once humble travel companies with the advent of the “Thrones” in Iceland has grown into a major Agency. Guides offer fans of the show to visit the camp of mance Rayder on the lava fields Dimmuborgir, go to the cave Grothia, where they filmed a love scene between John snow and Ygritte, and go to see Gullfoss waterfall, which appears in many “Northern” scenes of the series. Of the tourists, according to local guides, arrives, dressed in furs and leather, to be ready to close the winter.