From Kiev received a payment order by almost 55 thousand

Owner 4-room apartment in Kiev Elena Tishchenko, received bills for January in the amount of 53 thousand hryvnia, is going to write the application in police on “Kievteploenergo”.

Киевлянка получила платежку почти на 55 тысяч

About it the woman told the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I consider myself a victim at the hands of “Kievteploenergo” that they engaged in fraud and illegally counted me a month 39 Gcal” — said from Kiev.

The woman shared a photo with bills for heating, according to which it is obliged to pay a 53 thousand hryvnia.

Tishchenko also noted that the cost per 1 sq m of housing, according to it the payment amounted to 355 USD. According to the counter, in January, the consumption amounted to 1.5 Gcal, while the CHP counted her consumption in Gcal 39.

Also, Elena Tischenko said that large amounts of the payment she received for November and December. So in January she received a receipt for 24 thousand hryvnia, and in December – more than 12 thousand hryvnia.

“Thus, I suffered for 90,000 UAH. I will contact the police,” the woman reported.

The woman said, it will go to court to demand compensation for moral damage, because after seeing the bills got high blood pressure, in addition, it is already the third day unable to sleep.

In the condominium “rusanivsky Bay,” said that the payment order is received by Elena Tischenko, not incorrect.

“Apartment Elena in the moment when she put payment order UAH 53 thousand at the time she only has 3 months were consumed 5 Gcal, which is slightly more than 8 thousand UAH, and not the 90 thousand that put in the payment. I think this is not a bug, but simply the common areas, where they were unbalanced, all the heat loss from our house went on the payroll of Helen ” — said the Deputy Chairman of osmd Svetlana Tereshchenko.

At the same time, “Kievteploenergo” explained that this amount in the payment Yelena Tishchenko was due to the fact that her counter is the only one in the house of 177 apartments, which is not taken account of.