From new York to Sydney without stopping: the airline broke the record for flight duration

Australian airline Qantas has made the longest in the entire history of direct commercial flights from new York to Sydney. On Board the “Boeing 787-9” Dreamliner were 49 people, including six pilots, six flight attendants, a group of journalists, six frequent flyer and CEO of the airline, Alan Joyce. In flight, they spent 19 hours and 16 minutes, breaking the distance in 16 of 200 kilometers.

Из Нью-Йорка в Сидней без остановки: авиакомпания побила рекорд длительности полета

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The flight was performed in the study to gather more information about the impact of long flights on the human condition and jetlag that he feels after the flight.

Throughout the flight, the team of researchers observed the brain activity of pilots, watching the lighting on Board, physical exercise, sleep and diet passengers.

The plane landed at Sydney airport on Sunday morning. Captain Sean Golding announced that a direct flight was three hours faster than flying in the same direction, but with a stopover in Los Angeles.

The importance of the experiment

The fleet Manager Qantas Lisa Norman was one of the organizers of the experiment.

According to her, due to the flight from new York to Sydney had received a lot of important information that will help to prevent the risks arising from fatigue of pilots, but also to create the most comfortable flight conditions for passengers and to determine the optimal ratio of work and rest for the crew.

Further research and processing of information will be handled by experts from the universities of Sydney and Monash, which is already some time studying the methods of dealing with fatigue and dzhetlaga.

For example, in the Charles Perkins Centre University of Sydney found that 54% of respondents to fall asleep, successfully using ear plugs and noise-canceling headphones. 38% say they drink alcohol, and another 10% take sleeping pills.

While 47% of respondents admit that they do not take any effort to deal with dzhetlaga. “We found that exposure to the sun and access to fresh air on arrival in the new time zone help to synchronize the body with the new time zone. Almost half of the passengers ignore this information,” — said the specialist for the sleep study Dr. Yu San Bin.

The power to dream and dance

Once in the plane, the passengers immediately moved the clock on Sydney time and not sleeping, while in Eastern Australia did not come overnight. Such measures were adopted in order to minimise the negative impact of such a long flight for the body.

Norman noted that a distinctive feature of the voyage was also a selection of dishes that were offered to pilots and passengers. In the course of their preparation were used the pungent spices such as ginger and lemongrass, stimulating attention and alertness. “Nutrition and biochemistry play an important role in this process,” she concluded.

After six hours of flight, passengers were served a dish high in carbohydrates, then muted lighting to help them to sleep quickly.

All passengers were placed in business class, where they had the opportunity to take the prone position. From time to time they passed in the salon of economy class, where they performed the warm-up, did yoga and even danced the “Macarena”.

Another reason for moving people on the show was weighting the nose of the aircraft from finding all the passengers in business class, which led to increased fuel consumption.

The new generation aircraft

Today, as Reuters reported, no commercial aircraft can not make such a long flight with a full cabin of passengers and additional cargo.

Therefore, for a test flight, the airline limited the number of people, their Luggage, the maximum fill the plane with fuel (more than a hundred tons of liquid) and did not take any shipment.

For full long-haul flights from aircraft manufacturers expected the new model. According to the head of Qantas Group Alan Joyce, they may be the new “777” or modified “Airbus A350”.

The airline plans to offer four levels of comfort. For passengers in economy class will be equipped with a place for exercise. Perhaps there will be some kind of play area for children who long flights are not always easy.

Save time and effort

“This is a landmark event for aviation. I hope that this will initiate a permanent traffic, which will speed up travel from one point to another world,” said Joyce.

Next month the airline plans to test a direct flight from London to Sydney, which will take one hour more.

The decision to launch a direct service between the capitals will be taken at the end of this year and in the case of a positive outcome is likely to begin in 2023.

The new flights will not only require official permission at the legislative level, but settlement of the working conditions of pilots and crew with the Union.

To date, the longest flight is “Singapore airlines” from Singapore to new York. It takes 18 hours 25 minutes.