From November 30 subway stations will cease to sell tickets, tokens and passes (PHOTO)

С 30 ноября на станциях метро перестанут продавать билеты, жетоны и проездные (ФОТО)

Transportation Commission, Toronto (TTC) has announced that it will cease to sell tickets, tokens and day passes at all its stations by the end of November. Initially it was promised to be done in 2017.

According to TTC, tickets and tokens will be sold in third-party points of sales. And it’s not out yet, when I stop taken this kind of toll.

However, it is known that when that day comes, passengers will no longer be able to redeem their tickets and tokens back.

The decision to stop selling the metro stations was taken as part of a long process to bring all passengers to use a single electronic card fare system PRESTO.

TTC is now producing a temporary paper tickets and passes for the day, which include the transmission system of fares for PRESTO users who have not acquired its own permanent card.

System PRESTO-controlled provincial transportation Agency Metrolinx, has become a strong source of frustration for TTC and the city’s audit found that nearly $3.4 million of income from tolls was lost due to faulty card readers on trains and stations in 2018.

The audit also found that the provision of “children’s” PRESTO cards for those who are under the age of 12 years, used dozens of adults hoping to take advantage of the fact that they go free.