From rock musician to life coach: how Belarusians have achieved heights in the US and why he returned home

12 years ago, Vlad Kukharchuk left the Belarusian town of Bereza in the United States and became known as a musician of the rock group Kiwi Time. She was named among the top 100 best bands in the world, but the guy realized that he wanted another. In 2016 he went into teaching yoga, and then to life coaching. Now Vlad earns coaching in Los Angeles and dreams of “open the eyes” of the Belarusians for this, he temporarily returned home. The story of his “second life” Vlad shared with

От рок-музыканта до лайф-коуча: как белорус добился высот в США и почему вернулся на родину

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— I since the childhood wanted to become a rock star. But when I got here, I felt: this is not what I need. Its a rock band, all the conditions for a beautiful life, and I was not at peace with itself. I’ve been thinking whether to let go of what I got to start all over again. But such decisions, I took a few times, and the life was revealed — I decided to change. Will tell you all about it.

As I immersed myself in yoga

Yoga I started 8.5 years ago. When we created the band Kiwi Time, I realized that my way of life completely started: ate as a hit, while playing on barabach felt constant pain in his back and neck. I heard that yoga helps to regain energy and decided to try it. And was amazed at how difficult it was! I was completely out of shape and decided to change. I completely changed my diet, dropping about 15 kg, becomes more resilient and flexible.

Then began teaching yoga in 2014. The agreement with the label was such that the music I still put in the first place. Even when I had a practice of fasting for 21 days, then played concerts and went to remove the clips. In Los Angeles, where I moved from San Francisco in 2015 to work on a new album, the friends were not, and I wanted to continue teaching. Wrote approximately 50 studios, then phoned them and agreed I answered 10. This is not to say that work in Los Angeles are easy to find or that I was a wonderful teacher — it just means that I don’t give up when something goes wrong.

I agree to work wherever I took. All the studios were in different areas, and sometimes 4 hours a day left only on the road. I was ready to Wake up at 4:30 and to go to disadvantaged areas where even scared to go. A year after moving realized that the “yogic” lifestyle happiness brings me more. And decided to withdraw from the group.

When I started teaching, we have set ourselves the task to quickly develop the skills of teachers and began to conduct 20 classes per week. I burned out during the year. It became clear that it wouldn’t work. The prospects of good earnings, I have not seen and received $35-40 per hour, but this is not enough.

The next step was to conduct private classes. I took some business training and began to ask the disciples, “By the way, I still can and private lessons to give.” A few people took and subscribed. I thought, “Wow, wow, works!” Private lessons only cost $50-200, they added the office — for example, for Disney, Kargo, Autodesk.

My clients were mostly male entrepreneurs who have built a career, but was too shy to go to group classes and show that they do not know. Well, so, why did they not do yourself? These questions led me to the study of the brain, and so I came into the world of coaching.

От рок-музыканта до лайф-коуча: как белорус добился высот в США и почему вернулся на родину

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The way in coaching

To begin to understand coaching, 2016 I became one for others to attend training. I think in total my training I have invested more than $30 thousand, but did not received any certification by a professional coach — don’t believe in them. I was working with the conscious and the subconscious, and held business trainings to be able to sell their services, received the public speaking skills.

Among my teachers were not only well-known experts, because I was an important opportunity to communicate in person. Learned from Tony Robbins. On one of his training sessions, we walked barefoot on the coals, and I felt the heat! 15 000 people downtown Los Angeles, the hour of the night, thundering drums and all shouting “cool moss, cool moss, cool moss”. We just cried the whole crowd. Never experienced such emotions!

Of course, I know how in the Russian-speaking community belong to Tony. But I believe that Russian it is simply not clear. Americans in new information see an opportunity, and people of post-Soviet space — trick. There is such a thing as emotional tone scale, and, unfortunately, our nation emits negative. “Business youth” is beautiful in the use of this information, and Tony Robbins work with another energy. But believe me, among Russians there are many people who follow him around the world. By the way, he didn’t want to go to Russia, but at the same time said that his key transformations happened there.

So, starting with individual coaching sessions, I began to look for customers. First found through a very funny incident. Went to the store, and there is a friend with whom we were 10 years ago porters in America began. I told him that happens in life, and he to me: “Can I be your client?” I agreed, calling the amount of $1000 per month while working at least six months. On the one hand, it was pure luck, but how much work has been done, so I was lucky! By the way, we work a year and a half.

Gradually, I made up my own online program, called “Life of dreams”. Its cost is from $250 to $4000, depending on the range of services (for example, whether personal meetings with me, etc.) It lasts 6 weeks and takes place on the platform, GetCourse. Three times a week members get a new lesson (texts and videos), I check them, go to live shows, answering questions, have a General chat and meeting retreats.

One of the exercises — “my perfect day”. I tested it on 200 people, and all about the same thing: “in the morning I have a lot of energy, I do a, tasty and healthy to eat, slowly take off and go to work, I have meet cool positive people, I’m in the flow, fulfill their purpose. Evening spend with family and friends, with a feeling of relaxation and fullness go to bed.” And usually looking like their real day? Opened his eyes, he ran into the office, brewed coffee and stuck in social networks. But if I go first thing in the morning, stick in phone, then do not live your life. No wonder so many people don’t know what they want.

I teach that it all begins with lifestyle. It’s like in the plane, where in the case of depressurization in the first place saying “don oxygen mask”, otherwise you will not be able to help others. Day time is for your purpose. We parse the zone of genius (is a unique combination of talents that one can develop), the output out of the comfort zone, working on the fears. And the night is relationships. I share techniques and practices that helped me build a harmonious Union.

I propose to start working on them before Breakfast, stand at least 10 minutes early to develop habits with the small. The main thing to simplify everything to the max and not “merge” — just one minute a day yoga or other classes to the habit.

I ran the program three times: first in English and two in Russian, for immigrants. The classes were small, up to 10 people. All I did to find it, phoned all the friends and acquaintances (or wrote them) and were invited. This is exactly what nobody wants to do — sell to your friends. All obstreperous by running an advertisement. But if you believe in your product, don’t hesitate to offer it!

The result is: one girl plucked up the courage and auditioned for the reality show “Plan B”, the other discovered his talent for drawing and started to sell greeting cards. In early November she had her first exhibition. The guy is a programmer at heart he is a DJ, Halloween has organized a party for 500 people, and was afraid to call and 30.

От рок-музыканта до лайф-коуча: как белорус добился высот в США и почему вернулся на родину

Photo: screenshot YouTube/Denis Torkachev

Now I have 5 clients on annual support ($15 000 per year) + online-program, is and one-time customers. Their target audience I call “boy-programmer”, “girl office”, “the goddess +40”, “successful but unhappy businessman.” Most of my clients are Russian-speaking immigrants. I know many people who, like me, 10 years ago moved to America. And here we are already at 30 years, the boys sit in the office and drinking antidepressants. The first thing they usually ask me: “Vlad, why are you all right?”

About the features advance in the United States

Customers with high cheque thanks a cool post to Instagram — it is only an illusion. I “merged” $500 and realized that it’s not working. The basic idea of coaching in America is to sell services free or cheap events. Let there be 30-50 people, but it works, people make the decision at the snap of a finger. Many American coaches really even social networking no, but after the shows the queue. In most pipeline steps less. Such thing as the dialer after the webinar, I have not heard from anyone. To online presence they are fairly simple landing page. Look and think: even a fifth grader will do better. And here I fucking bother, what I filter for photos in Instagram to choose?! At first I shied away from these landing pages and then saw that they sell, so not in the font color sense.

This does not mean that I gave up on Instagram — you need it to advance to the Belarusian audience. To do this, I radically changed their image online. Previously, my pictures were only about yoga, and told me: “You look like the leader of the cult!”:) I had to wear a jacket and look more professional.

On returning to Belarus

You know, that Tony Robbins has had on me the biggest impact. Thanks to him I finally decided to switch to the Russian-speaking space and to return to Belarus. On one of his training he emphasized on the fact that changes do not occur at the moment of action, and in a moment of clear decision. And it happened to me! A year ago, I was meditating on “What would I do if I have a year left of life?” And I had a vision, “go to Belarus and start to talk about their ideas.” But how?! I run the program in English, all my customers are Americans, I’m Russian do not work, do not know how to teach in Russian.

Next comes a series of events. In December of 2018 I come to Belarus, my friends propose to hold a master class on yoga, going 65 and I was like, “Wow, it happened!” I understand that the decision was made, but the mind says: “You’re so much time invested in an American programme.” I was scared, I knew that Russian writing so much criticism about kochah, and it definitely will affect me. But I was ready to skip it by himself.

My life began to appear more Russian guys. In the summer of 2019, I was back in Belarus, and came back and felt the need to fly back. In November conducted 3 master-class in Minsk, three times, spoke to business angels and held a two-day retreat. I spent the event even in the native Birch. By the way, I heard from the “boys” that I info-Gypsies:)

I understand that the prices are quite different, and the minimal check that I want for my program is the average salary in the Birch. But my goal is not to sell their services, and to open the eyes and hearts of the people. I think I will succeed.