From the coronavirus dies unexpectedly, the doctors are trying to figure out why this is happening

Under assumptions of physicians, the cause of sudden deaths may become an excessive reaction of the immune system to fight the coronavirus, reports “Voice of America”

От коронавируса умирают неожиданно: врачи пытаются понять, почему это происходит

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The frightening speed with which worsens the condition of people infected with coronavirus, and absolutely sudden death shocked even experienced doctors and nurses who do not know how to stop the sudden deterioration of the patients.

Patients “look good, feel good, and then… once you turn back to them and they do not react,” says the nurse, Diana Torres working in new York hospital mount Sinai. Torres complains that in recent days she has developed a paranoia associated with the fear of sudden death patients. Die not only of elderly or seriously ill. This, according to doctors, now it happens with young and healthy people.

While on duty nurses Lori Douglas, working in the hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, died a young woman. Douglas says that after 34 years of working in the hospital it long appeared a kind of intuition: a nurse usually feels who patients could die, and who will soon be well. But now she doesn’t understand why people die so unexpectedly.

“Last week she was planning her wedding, and this week her family will be burying her,” says the nurse, referring to the deceased patient.

When patients hospitalitynet, it says nothing about the possible lethal outcome: people are free to breathe and is able to talk, says emergency doctor, working at new York Presbyterian hospital. The doctor, who agreed to talk to Reuters on condition of anonymity, says that many of these people in a few hours can start to gasp and be on the ventilator.

“It is terrible that there is no pattern,” said the doctor.

Doctors see similar developments in many hospitals – COVID-19, severe respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus, has caused the death of more than 83 thousand people all over the world.

The rapid deterioration of patients is probably the result of “excessive” reaction of the immune system to fight the virus, suggests Dr. Otto Yang, an infectious disease specialist at the Medical center of the University of California in Los Angeles.

The so-called “cytokine storm” occurs when the body produces too many immune cells. Appearing in blood cytokines – peptide molecules that activate the immune system and cause increased blood pressure, damage the lungs and organ failure.

“It’s crazy”

Emily Muzyka, 25-year-old nurse working in one of new York’s hospitals, says that “a turning point” for her was the situation last week when a relatively healthy 44-year-old patient suddenly needed artificial ventilation.

51-year-old Anik Jesdanun, a journalist for the Associated Press, who never complained about his health and ran a marathon 83, died unexpectedly last week from COVID-19. About this in Facebook wrote his cousin Brinda Malprac.

The first jesdanun did not need hospitalization. After the infection he began to recover, the tests were fine, and light, as witnessed by his doctor during a visit to the hospital in late March, was clean. However, on 1 April journalist suddenly became worse: he was taken to the emergency room, where Jesdanun died 13 hours later.

Nurse intensive care at the hospital mount Sinai hospital repeatedly became the witness of how patients quickly kidney failure. Many of them are doctors intravenously administered heparin, a medicine that prevents the clotting of blood.

“It drives me crazy how quickly they start to feel bad… We are actually trying to figure out how you want to treat them,” says the nurse.

According to the testimony of doctors, patients who require mechanical ventilation, it is not always possible to save.

According to Dr. Craig Smith, chief surgeon of the medical center of Columbia University, intubated patients on average spend on the ventilator for about two weeks. The ambulance surgeon from the Presbyterian hospital shows that mortality of intubated patients with COVID-19 – above average if you compare with the people placed under the ventilator in other diseases. Exact figures are not known yet – in the midst of the epidemic in many hospitals in chaos, and the doctors don’t have time to keep statistics.

Doctors sometimes have to experiment with drugs, whose efficacy in the treatment of patients COVID-19 has not been proven – including by applying the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is commonly used to treat malaria.

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