From the fourteenth to the size of the breast all the men were at my feet: the recognition of the most scandalous…

С четырнадцатым размером груди все мужчины были у моих ног: признания самой скандальной...

Thursday, September 19, will be held the fourth edition of the popular project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” (STB). This week participants will first exchange partners. The majority found a common language, but there are those who could not or did not want. The passions project has not diminished with the departure of one of the most controversial participants of the project, the trust of the coach Irakli of Makatsaria Inna Mazur. The girl came to the project from Belarus with a weight of 100 kilograms and the height is 164 cm. Her special pride was a big bust, size 14! Three weeks of participation in the project, she managed to lose only five pounds. And by the time the reality on the screen, it lost another 21 pounds! .

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Inna Mazur talked about his diet and training, who blames that departed from reality, and why wants to return to Kiev.

Inna, you look lovely!

— I lost 26 pounds. Five of them took off for another project, and the 21 already at home for four months. In fact, it is thanks to training, nutrition, support from my coach Irakli of Makatsaria and nutritionist Svetlana FUS. I continue to lose weight and I must say I now weigh a lot less than 74 kg. All my things got to me big it is necessary to completely update your wardrobe.

С четырнадцатым размером груди все мужчины были у моих ног: признания самой скандальной...

— You seem pleased with yourself.

— Yes, I was completely different during this time, look differently at many things: men, your life. Want to achieve even greater impact to the final project to look perfect. For many years I was connected relationships with a man who was a tyrant towards me. I didn’t notice what was happening to me. I said, no one wants you, alone. Even now he writes to me in an SMS: “do you think You’re lost and you need someone? No!” He doesn’t like my achievements. We broke up a year ago, but continued to talk, and now I’ve decided to stop this relationship.

— What prompted you to come to the project?

— I couldn’t even imagine that someone in the Ukraine read my profile. I watched the eighth season, has filled in the application form and was shocked when they called me and told me to come to audition! Then I realized that my life was given a chance. And no matter what I was in reality just three weeks, I have learned the most important thing: how to eat, exercise and feel happy.

С четырнадцатым размером груди все мужчины были у моих ног: признания самой скандальной...Inna Mazur with Irakli Makatsaria

— What is your diet?

— I eat everything, prepare your body for the fact that sooner or later my active practice of dumping excess pounds over, and it should not be a shock. You will lose weight, because I eat everything in small doses. Eat four times a day, the last at seven o’clock. The day I have to eat 1700 calories is half a kilogram. The method Svetlana FUS works — in order to lose weight, in any case it is not necessary to stop eating.

— What you can afford from the forbidden?

I eat meat, now often indulge themselves with skewers. Garnish to it — vegetables. Sweet I never liked. But coffee and tea used to drink with sugar, now abandoned. I used to have to eat two steaks a day! By the way, I still eat it, but much less, and replace mayonnaise with yogurt, which add a bit of garlic. It’s insanely delicious!

— What were you lacking to hold more on the project?

— I have not had time to reveal themselves. Many participants did not like me, boycotted, talked. Some treated me like me not at all. Maybe it’s because I, unlike others, are not left to project their bad habits. Sometimes I really smoked. All prohibited on the project selected, all check, but I managed to get it in. Although, I think the main reason for my departure — I was too strong opponent. If I stayed another two weeks everything would be different. In the first two competitions we won and the third I still believe that my partner Paul is “leaked”.

But in the third week you really not dropped a single pound.

And I told the Pasha about this. The fact that at this time I began critical days, and the weight went plus. You know, I felt like leaving.

— By the way, have you quit Smoking?

— Unfortunately, no. But I smoke much less compared to even what was on the project. Remember, Irakli told me how he woke up and one day realized that Smoking it is no longer necessary. So I’m waiting for this morning. I think it’s soon, because I find it difficult to exercise, shortness of breath. And, most importantly, no pleasure from the process of Smoking I do not get.

— You sacrifice for your project?

— I quit my job as a salesman, left the rented apartment because she went to a project in Kiev. Now I’m back to Belarus to live with her mother in the village, help her with the housework. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to combine exercise and proper nutrition. Especially in the work of the seller. Mom supported me and allowed me not to work until the final. I hope that then find yourself a more mobile work. In General, my dream is to move to Kiev.

С четырнадцатым размером груди все мужчины были у моих ног: признания самой скандальной...Inna and Pasha

— There are reasons for this?!

— Never told anyone, but I very much support one of the participants of the “Svajena…”. I think all will become clear during the finale. But I have a romantic relationship with a character on a reality, and everyone, I promise you will be shocked to learn who it is. This show helped me find my soul mate, a man who supports and loves.

— As you train in the village?

— The gym is not here, so I use the facilities. On the bench swing weight. Find special weighting, it means that there are in every home. And, of course, run.

С четырнадцатым размером груди все мужчины были у моих ног: признания самой скандальной...

— There was a time when you were slim?

— A teenager, but it was so long ago. Then the weight began to come, and I especially did not notice. I once checked into the room, I started to lose weight in the group and dropped the weight down to 76 kilos — I weighed 90. At that time I considered myself a beauty. But we were kept on a strict diet, and when I “jumped”, then recovered to 100 pounds. Then he began to physically feel the weight. I could not zip the Shoe, hurt the stomach. And now I can walk in heels, bend, run.

— You have admitted that one of your problems — magnificent bust.

The bust is, but not lush and beautiful. He went along with the pounds. Now I have a size seven. And was fourteenth. All the men were at my feet! With the departure of weight, the skin on his chest stretched out, but with training it can “pick up”. If not, you probably will have to do plastic surgery. But I had a priest that never was! Recently I made even a compliment, for the first time not drawing attention to my Boobs and ass. It is very nice!


And nutritionist of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi” Svetlana FUS stated that she is opposed to dieting.

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