From the height of bird flight: 8 videos that will make you fall in love with southern California

While many inhabitants of southern California had the great pleasure to explore this part of the Golden state by foot, car and possibly even on the bike, to see this piece of Paradise from the heights above the sky is a new adventure. This writes Only in Your State.

С высоты птичьего полета: 8 видео, которые заставят вас влюбиться в Южную Калифорнию

Photo: Shutterstock

In these eight videos shot from a bird’s flight in drones, you will see a new side of southern California. All the videos are simply breathtaking.

1. These impressive shots of the city of Laguna beach, a video filmed by Ben Veghel. You will experience the majestic beauty of this piece of Paradise with views of the sea and sand, you’ve never seen anything like it.

2. Evan Thomas captures all the beauty of Los Angeles in this awesome video that recalls a love letter to Los Angeles. From the centre of town to Venetian canals and a lot of favorite beaches on a cool tour of Los Angeles exceeds all expectations.

3. Catalina island is quite photogenic from all sides, but in this beautiful video from the bird’s eye view, filmed by Octavio Velazquez Lozano, there is something that makes the water more attractive.

4. There’s a reason why San Diego is called the best city in the USA. And Magic Magoni so perfectly captured a beautiful side of San Diego — from the pristine sandy beaches to towering architectural monuments from this video, you want to call San Diego their home.

5. Thanks to this video you will be able to fly high above Malibu, to see the sights and hear the sounds of the beach, El Matador, captured by a YouTube user, venm. Hypnotic sound of the roaring waves and the intoxicating view of the pastel of the sunset will make you feel enchanted.

6. Channel TAPP posted this amazing video flying over long beach, which will take you in air travel this coastal place, equally adored by locals and visitors.

7. Griffith Observatory, one of the most magnificent places to visit in southern California, looks even more impressive if you look at it from a height.

8. Santa Monica is a place where people from all over the world. Regardless of whether you have the opportunity to see this place or you just dreamed about it, a visit to Santa Monica will never go out of fashion. Here’s a look at this beautiful place, captured on video by a user venm.