From the Ministry of health fired more than two hundred people, the source

The Ministry of Health prepares a massive reshuffle. It is reported portal LB.UA.

Из Минздрава уволят более двухсот человек, — источник

The journalists shared a letter from the Pechersk branch of the Kiev city employment center the Secretary of state of Ministry of health Inna Licorice. From the letter follows that of the Department will be laid off 230 people and employment Center held a consultation. The reason for the dismissal is a personnel change in the system of work organization.

As reported in the source information in the letter was confirmed in the trade Union organization of health workers. According to a member of the trade Union Committee Irina Lytovchenko a couple of weeks ago the Ministry adopted a new structure, which was not brought to the knowledge not within the Ministry. Information was known only to the leadership and the Secretariat.

“According to the rules, the dismissal of staff had to warn for a month or two, but no such warnings were received. Because we are from the Union will submit to the court,” — said Irina Litovchenko.

As it became known from the words Litovchenko, the Ministry has not given salary for February, although this is affected not only this Department, as this month had not been approved by the money of salary of officials by the budget Committee. Member profkoma also said that despite the fact that the letter of resignation 230 people, the office works 160 people, other bets are open.

Recently has initiated a new disciplinary Commission to consider personnel matters of the Ministry.