From the top of Hollywood behind bars: the court announced the verdict Harvey Weinstein

The court in new York announced the verdict Harvey Weinstein. 67-year-old Hollywood Mogul who had a hand in the creation of Oscar-winning, multi-million dollar included in the history of cinema hits, was sentenced to 23 years in prison, reports Lenta.

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The court’s decision called a milestone for the movement against harassment #MeToo for the entire US movie industry. The producer before the sentencing asked the judge to give him five years in prison.

It all started with investigative journalism

In sex scandals Weinstein got throughout his career, but he successfully managed to hush up their money. In early October of 2017, The New York Times said about eight such cases over the past 30 years. In the article the actress Ashley Judd (“Kiss the girls”) reported harassment by producer, rose McGowan (“Charmed”) — about the rape. He got fired from his top Executive position of his own company The Weinstein Co., Harvey himself apologized for his actions and announced that he intends to seek medical help, hinting that his behavior is caused by psychological problems. A week after the publication of The New York Times magazine New Yorker published the evidence of another 13 victims Weinstein, in particular, also talked about rape. Among the victims were actress Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, Lucia Evans. The total number of prosecutors — 21.

The article provoked a new certificate

From the producer left the wife, he was expelled from presenting the “Oscar” of the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences. Accusations of harassment, rape and just abuse began to fall over Weinstein from all sides, the big names — Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natasha Malta, Paz de La Huerta, Lea seydoux, Katherine Kendall, Cara Delevingne. At this stage the producer has already filed two cases in new York and Los Angeles. Victim Harvey found even in the UK, which Scotland Yard started its own investigation. By the end of 2017, the number of alleged victims of a producer in his 60s.

There was a movement Time’s Up

A sex scandal has turned into a whole social phenomenon — the victims of other producers, Directors and actors also began to publicly disclose the names of their rapists. In the beginning of 2018 Hollywood stars organized movement Time’s Up (“Time out”), which aims to address sexual violence in the film industry. Over time, the emphasis of the movement shifted to other spheres of industry, music, theatre, stand -, sports, books and media. Many accusations have destroyed entire careers, but most did not continue in the form of trials. The film industry began bureaucratic (though carrying largely symbolic) struggle with harassment — the actor, Director and producer unions and guilds have produced manuals and guidelines for working with nudity, conducting auditions for such work and responding to sexual violence in the companies and on the set there were coordinators of the filming of the sex scenes.

Weinstein surrendered to police and was immediately released on bail

May 25, 2018 producer self came to the police station in new York, where he was arrested and charged. Harvey was released on bail of one million dollars, he was obliged to wear an electronic bracelet that tracks movement. At this point, about his crimes, said more than 80 women, Sam Weinstein refused to admit guilt. Meanwhile, one of the most notorious of onlineclinic producer, rose McGowan, was in a series of scandals — to the network leaked her Nude photos, she was accused of possession of cocaine (in these misadventures, she accused Harvey), but because of a sex scandal with a producer, her Manager committed suicide. It turned out that one of the first victims publicly speaking of Weinstein, Asia Argento, at 37 years of age had sex with an underage actor Jimmy Bennett. The position of the producer suddenly started to improve in October 2018, he was able to remove the charge from the Lucia Evans (accused him of forced oral sex), and by the end of 2019 he was dissuaded from bringing charges more than 30 alleged victims — they were paid in the total amount of $ 25 million.

The trial lasted little more than a month

In new York, Weinstein was charged with five counts — two episodes of rape, two cases of sexual harassment and forced cunnilingus. The jury, consisting of seven men and five women after a four-day discussion on February 24 recognized producer guilty of rape in the third degree American Jessica Mann and decline to have sex a native of great Britain, Miriam Haley. Weinstein found not guilty of rape in the first degree (also related to Mann) and two cases of sexual harassment. Between the two rapes, three years have passed in this period tried to start an acting career the woman was with the producer in the relationship. The process was made by three victims of Harvey’s model Tarel Wolff, actress Annabella Sciorra and former waitress, dawn Dunning. Their testimony (about the rapes and harassment by the producer) do not become charges due to the expiration of the Statute of limitations, however, are heard in court as evidence of what can Weinstein. Another victim, Lauren young, told about the harassment, allegations which brought Harvey in a Los Angeles court on this case will begin after the completion of the first. Also against him are preparing lawsuits in the UK, but there we are talking about the requirements of monetary compensation, not jail time.

The producer went to the hospital instead of jail

After the announcement of the jury decision Weinstein had to send to the island prison Rikers, located in new York the East river, but instead the producer got to the hospital — immediately after the verdict, he complained of chest pain. Later it was moved to the prison infirmary for a few days before the verdict, Weinstein allegedly fell and got a concussion. Lawyers producer is preparing to appeal the decision.



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