From the US to Europe and back for $280: the coronavirus brought down the price of the tickets

Because of the coronavirus reduced the prices of tickets around the world. Currently there are some of the best deals for flights between the U.S. and Europe, reports Forbes.

Из США в Европу и обратно за $280: коронавирус обрушил цены на авиабилеты

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For example, look in Google on a flight from new York to Paris, and you will see amazingly low prices from all the leading airlines such as American, United, Delta and Air France, where the ticket price there and back is only $284.

On the website of the Delta from 5 to 15 April, the ticket price will be the same. Of course, this applies to standard tickets or tickets for economy class, but it’s still about half off the regular price. Lufthansa is also promoting their current offers on the Internet: “a Ticket new York-Paris-new York from $282”.

Please note that these same airlines can charge $3000 for a one way flight, and a price tag of $280 is much more in line with the price of lowcost, or, for example, a ticket Norwegian in one end (now the airline offers a round trip ticket for $380, depending on dates). Surprisingly, the drop in the price of the flights coincides with the outbreaks of coronavirus in these destinations. That was with what to compare, a couple of years ago a flight from Paris to Los Angeles the same airline cost $780. During this time the cost has decreased more than twice.

You should visit the airline’s website to get these offers. For example, a Delta return ticket for $285 (or a return ticket in the Main Cabin for $385 or Comfort+ for $434). Aggregator of all tariffs, Momondo displays the lowest price for a return ticket with Delta on the same dates at a price of $433.

Major airlines offer round-trip flights to Europe at competitive prices

Within Europe, Lufthansa in the section “Tickets in Europe from €87” offers round trip tickets, in fact, even at such a low price as €59 (a €87 are tickets Frankfurt-Paris or Frankfurt-London and back). Such a pricing policy you can expect is that from EasyJet or RyanAir. While the latter currently has the best discount, but they are still hard to beat the cost of a ticket for a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Paris.

Domestic supply in USA

There are also proposals for flights within the U.S. on flights to both ends. Flight from new York to Chicago with United in March and April is $123. While the cost of company Frontier Airlines flight new York to Miami in April is $51 for the ticket there and back.

A quick check on the web site in the section “proposition” shows a decrease in the price of $26-49 for many domestic flights.

Such proposals continue to come because of the fear of people infected with coronavirus. As people begin to stress about the travel and cancel or postpone travel plans, the consequences for the aviation industry is huge. Therefore, airlines are forced to offer competitive prices in terms of competition for filling empty aircraft.

In fact, the airline came under a double blow. First, the passengers refuse to travel, and secondly, they are forced to reduce flights to certain destinations.

Ironically, at the same time, the virus has ruined thousands of holidays, but also created a reason to stay at a lower price. According to reports by Travel Supermarket, the prices for tours are plummeting, and along with them the prices for the tickets. The report said that current prices are down about one-quarter or one-third of the normal price at this time of the year to such destinations as Greece, Thailand, Saint Lucia, Turkey and Spain.






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