From undecided voters left very little time (PHOTO)

У неопределившихся избирателей осталось совсем мало времени    (ФОТО)

In the last weekend before election day on Monday, some voters, including in the greater Toronto, still thinking of who they would like to see as the head of the country.

And let this year voted early, a record number of Canadians, a new poll from Nanos Research shows that about 10% of voters have not yet made a decision.

On Saturday morning some residents of Port Credit, which is included in the district of Mississauga South, vacationing on the waterfront in the harbour area, thinking about who of politicians to give preference to your voice.

The couple sat on a bench and happily fed the hungry ducks and geese by throwing them bread crumbs, when journalists CTV News Toronto asked for whom they will vote tomorrow.

“We are still undecided, we between the two parties,” said Majid Kokaly (Majd Kokaly) cradling in one arm of the child.

Since the inception of this County, its residents voted for either the conservatives or the liberals, but Majid and his wife inclined to the liberals or green.

Nelson Wiseman, a Professor at the University of Toronto, said that the people who are planning to choose the leader on election day, you can be shocked by the number of options when you get your ballot.

Resident Raed Masri said he hasn’t voted yet, but leaning towards voting for the liberal party.

“I’ll go with them, he said on Saturday. I like fiscal responsibility of the conservatives, but I feel that on some other fronts they represent us not the best way”.

Resident Mike Break, which on Saturday was walking his dog, told CTV News Toronto that finances forced him to vote early.

“I have already decided against voting. I sort of fiscal conservative, so I think it’s time for regime change”, he said.

Resident Keith Powell said that he and his wife moved to Port Credit from Georgetown five years ago.

And although Justin Trudeau sick and tired of it, Powell said that the whole procedure does not cause trust, and he believes that no party will fulfill its promises.

The election campaign comes to an end, and political parties will not be able to dramatically affect the ratio of votes, but according to Wiseman, where and how they spend their campaign says a lot about their vision of the emerging situation.

Among voters remains less than days for a decision.