“From under the noses taken away”: Bogomolov gave a famous artist to marry Sobchak

"Из-под носа увел": Богомолов не дал известному артисту жениться на Собчак

Russian singer Shura (Alexander Medvedev) has complained that the Director Konstantin Bogomolov did not want him to marry Xenia Sobchak.

“Straight from under the noses taken away”, — said Shura in a comment edition teleprogramma.pro.

In Ksenia Sobchak he could fall in love for the first time, said the singer.

“I’ve never been in love. Here there will be another such as Sobchak, independent, with sense of humor… But, unfortunately, straight from under the noses taken away Bogomolov”, — he said.

However, Shura is not told, whether he liked Sobchak.

“The artist has said that we should not believe the gossip that he’s gay. At one time he used drugs, drank a lot, but men never slept”, — writes the edition.

Recall that the marriage Sobchak and Bogomolov was successful and she even boasted of an intimate nickname that he gave her husband.

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