From Yemen received a warning about the impending Iran’s new attacks on Saudi Arabia (PHOTO)

Из Йемена поступило предупреждение о готовящихся Ираном новых ударах по Саудовской Аравии (ФОТО)

Iran preparing to deliver new strikes on targets in Saudi Arabia, as informed foreign diplomats some of the leaders of the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. The part of the leaders of the Houthis “raised the alarm about a possible new attack after came under pressure from Iran, requiring them to play their role,” learned publishing.

Although statements by the Houthis perceived in the West with skepticism, “the United States and Saudi Arabia have obtained this information from sources, which informed the Houthis,” Saudi Arabia in this regard has stepped up security measures.

However, the publication explains the possibility of information leakage is the fact that the leadership of the Houthis had a disagreement about how seriously you should rely on Iran.
The representative of the Houthis, Mohamed Abdul Salam, has denied the reports that any warning foreign diplomats about potential Iranian attacks spread.

However, The Wall Street Journal admits that “the United States and Saudi Arabia have not yet presented convincing evidence of Iranian involvement in the attacks” on September 14. The publication notes that “the European leaders also stated that they saw no clear evidence that the attack made Iran”.

We will remind, in the night of 14 September, the company Saudi Aramco was attacked. In particular, was attacked by the world’s largest refining complex, located in the East of the country. This has led to the reduction of oil production in Saudi Arabia doubled to 5.7 million barrels per day.

Responsibility for the attack was taken by Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, however, the U.S. questioned their involvement and blamed the Iranian authorities. Tehran rejects these accusations.

The deployment of additional us troops in the region will happen in the coming days. The Pentagon said that the strengthening is defensive in nature, the American troops will be largely responsible for air and missile defense. In the Persian Gulf area already hosts several American destroyers.

According to the Minister of defense Mark Esper, strengthening is defensive in nature, the American troops will be largely responsible for air and missile defense. the head of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Joseph Dunford said that we are talking about hundreds of oenology, but not about thousands. We will also expedite delivery of Saudi Arabia and the UAE anti-missile and other safety equipment.