Frontman SKY Oleg Sobchuk has created a charity Fund “give a light”

Frontman SKYE, one of the most socially active rock bands of Ukraine, Oleg Sobchuk announced the creation of the charity Fund “gift of light”.

Фронтмен группы СКАЙ Олег Собчук создал благотворительный фонд «Подаруй світло»

“The idea of creating a charitable Foundation lived in me for a long time. Thank you my old friend Sergey on Ki-Chul and team LVD (Leadership volunteer movement) for extra motivation and that showed in practice how to work in this field. Therefore, on 17 September in the city of Ternopil, we announced the creation of a new charitable Fund “gift of light”, which will unite our efforts to give light to those who really need it”-

said Oleg Sobchuk.

The Foundation aims to help orphans and children with disabilities not only in Ternopil, but also throughout Ukraine. The newly created Foundation plans to collaborate with other foundations, philanthropists and community organizations.

Group SKY for example has decided to prove that it is indeed possible. To mark the 20th anniversary of the group in 2020, the children go in a big anniversary tour across Ukraine and abroad. They decided that 10% of each ticket purchased will be donated to “give light.”