“Frozen eggs,” covered the beach in Finland because of the strange weather

«Ледяные яйца» покрыли пляж в Финляндии из-за странной погоды

Thousands of ice balls of different sizes completely covered the beach in Finland due to a rare weather phenomena

It is reported tk.media

Amateur photographer Risto Mattiola found the”ice balls” on Hailuoto island between Finland and Sweden. Experts believe that they originated because of a rare combination of wind and waves, which “rounded” pieces of ice.

The photographer said that was walking on the beach with his wife. “It was Sunny, windy and about -1* of frost”. It was then that they saw the “eggs”-the phenomena of snow and ice along the beach at the water line. According to him, the ice pieces filled in about 30 meters of the beach.

The smallest eggs were the size of like an egg, and the large — like a football. Experts believe that the formation of such “ice eggs” need cold and windy weather. Figures are formed of large pieces of ice that are in contact with each other through the waves and thus acquire a spherical shape.

The more sea water “freeze balls,” the bigger in size they become. The result is a smooth balls that the waves bring to the beach. In different parts of the world occasionally occur similar phenomena. 3 years ago huge ice balls covered 18 km of beach near the Siberian village of Nida. However, their sizes ranged from several centimeters up to 1 meter in diameter.