“Fruit monk” can slow the aging

The Arhat is not very popular in the world, as it grows only in Asia and is going through a bad transportation. But this fruit is widely used in industry and medicine.

«Фрукт монахов» способен замедлить старение

Arhat is growing in China and Thailand. It is also called the “fruit of the monks”. Fruits have many small seeds and very sweet flesh that tastes like a melon. Usually the fruit is used in dried form, as fresh it’s kept very short. This fruit has long been used in folk medicine as a remedy for digestive problems and expectorant. In addition, the extract of the fruit is used as a sugar substitute – it is natural and permitted for patients with diabetes.

Chinese scientists came to the conclusion that the fruits of the Arhat help to rejuvenate the blood and slow down the aging process. Within ten months, the experts fed mice Arhat. In the result, it was found that the regular consumption of these fruits enhances the function of hematopoietic stem cells in red bone marrow, which are the basis for blood cells. The renewal of blood cells occurred faster. Furthermore, it was observed a positive effect on other stem cells. That is to say that fruit helps to slow the aging process.

As noted by scholars, the fruit contains many vitamins and effective for the prevention of obesity.