Fun and helpful videos: everything you need to know about the coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic swept the world. Various media and agencies not only write useful news, but also create a video in order for people to be able to understand how the virus works, how one contracts it and how to protect yourself. ForumDaily gathered for its readers the most useful and funny video about the coronavirus.

Веселые и полезные видео: все, что нужно знать о коронавирусе

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This video describes what a virus is, how it fits in the human body and how it operates. You will also learn several ways how to protect yourself from infection.

The Israel Ministry of health clearly showed how COVID-19 is transmitted from one person to another.

The health Department of Ohio has released a video demonstrating the importance of social distancing in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“Stop the spread of the virus, — is spoken in the video. Social distancing works.”

The world health organization (who) is very fun and funny way to show what steps you must follow in order not to become infected and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Why should wash their hands with soap at least 20 seconds and works as an antiseptic, or as it is called, sanitizer, hand, you can learn from the following video.

In this video you can hear the “true statistics” in the format of a joke, where condemned the actions of the government and the statistics about deaths from coronavirus.

And this video reminds us that “not so devil as he is painted.” Do not succumb to the General panic, as stress leads to weakening of the body and makes it vulnerable to diseases.


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