Funny phrases for ‘winglike’, used by Russians who moved to the USA

It Russian, who has lived in America, significantly transformirovalsya. People speaking in their native language, you start Willy-nilly to insert English words or pronounce Russian with an American twist. Such code language jokingly called “swingles”, writes in his blog Amerussian girl the girl who came to live in the United States.

Забавные фразы на 'руинглише', употребляемые русскими, переехавшими в США

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The following is the text of the author.

The funny thing is that not all speak English at a high level and not all strive to learn it in principle. Nevertheless, life in America gives an imprint on the spoken language.

Probably five years ago I would have outraged and thought that people just can’t talk properly. Now I belong to this loyal as much as possible. I’m often use English words in the speech — why not, as they say.

For example, “I did offer” sounds much easier than “the company made me an offer on cooperation”. I do not see a problem in mixing the languages is important to communicate in ways that were comfortable and clear to all. And that it was normal in your environment — in your can all be different 🙂

I have collected a small dictionary of the model words and expressions. It goes something like this:

“What’s your building” — What’s your building.

“Let’s pocillum”, “We chillin”, — let’s rest, we rest.

“What koutny” — What a cutie (hear it from a friend)

“I’m Jim” — I’m in the gym

“Dinner” — dinner

“Knight out” — let’s hang out

“Hut/ cold coffee” — hot or cold coffee

“boyfriend/girlfriend” is a guy, a girl

“Send request” to send request

“Skype call” — Skype call

“Send me offers”- make me an offer

“How to tips” — how many will leave for tea

“I went to strechin” — went on stretching

“What time’s your class?” — what time is your lesson

“Where is your ID” — where is your passport

“Go for it” — took the subway

“Hold on” — hold on/ wait

“I work fullday/ I have a part-time”- I work full-time/ I part-time

“How will you spend your day-off” — what are your plans for the weekend



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