Further increase in milk price to come

New milk price increase to come


If milk producers across Canada received more than a 10% farm gate price increase in 2022, it will be much less in 2023.  

They will be entitled to a 2.2% increase starting February 1, 2023, the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) announced on Tuesday. 

Each year, the CDC consults producers and retailers, among others, in order to establish the fair price they should receive. 

It is then the turn of the provincial organizations to establish the maximum price that retailers will be able to charge for milk. 

In Quebec, the Régie des Marchés Agricoles et Alimentaires du Québec (RMAAQ) will hold its first meeting with industry representatives on November 21. 

We will then know in December how much more Quebecers will have to pay for milk in 2023. 

In 2022, producers had obtained a farm price increase of 8.4%, or 0 $.06 per litre, part of the CCL. 

This resulted in a 4% to 6% increase in the retail price of milk decreed by the RMAAQ.