Gaitana told how she lived next to the President Zelensky

The actress confessed that now they became calmer.

Гайтана рассказала, как ей живется по соседству с президентом Зеленским

Gaitana with her husband moved to live outside the city. Next to it lives the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The actress told how her life has changed after Zelensky became President.

“I’m sure you can sleep more relaxed. Because the protection of so much appeared. I was surprised because it seemed to me that now we have nowhere to go, there will be traffic jams, but nothing. Everything is as it was before,” — said the singer.

Gaitan admitted that the President does not see, but it seems that he’s watching her.

“It seems to me that he sometimes watches me when I ride a Bicycle. Perhaps this is a delusion or his guards. When I go out, I see some kind of car Mercedes with dark Windows going so impressively for me. Maybe this is a delusion, maybe I want to believe it,” — said the singer.

The star has also reported other changes in their village. They built a monument, and the condition of the roads has changed a bit.

“Apparently, people want the President traveled and was happy to see this monument. And the roads were a little better. Apparently, the peasants are trying to congratulate the President,” she said.