Gamers in power and city water: what will be megacities in the year 2100

About 91 million people per month build cities and universes of popular video games. Urbanists look at these human resources with envy and hope. Imagine what would happen if the zeal of gamers to tackle real urban problems? Find out the publication “Lifehacker”.

Геймеры во власти и города на воде: какими станут мегаполисы в 2100 году

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A big plus of gamification, as it enables to engage in the onscreen world and its problems. Tools to solve real city problems with games already being developed. For example, there is a city building simulation, with which you can build your smart city. Behind the scenes of the game — an endless array of data about how one part of the system affects the other, and one tree can change the microclimate of the area.

Will appear on

Is it news — you might say. For hundreds of years, the city floating on wooden rafts and stilts are built on Islands around South-East Asia, they are in Peru and Nairobi. Yes, humanity is able to live on the water, but to call the existing options technologically impossible. In addition, they are not protected from changes in water levels and natural disasters. Given that up to 90% of the mega-cities of the future will be coastal, such makeshift solutions are not suitable for mass life.

How this will work

By 2100, global sea level, according to conservative estimates may rise to a height of 65 centimeters to 1 meter — millions of people in coastal cities would be in serious danger.

In China and French Polynesia are waiting for the fulfillment of the worst predictions and try to build a high-tech artificial Islands of modular areas for 300 residents. Of them if desired, it may be a small village, and extensive urban infrastructure. These are the modules that are “planted” at the shore-line will be the protection against mass flooding by the year 2100.

The use of petrol, gas and coal will be reduced almost to zero

The soot particles in the air, global warming, water contamination — that’s what we get when we use “dirty” energy sources as fuel. By 2100 this could be done. The consequences of the 150-year history of mining and use Deplete the planet of the substances, of course, remain, but the replacement will come a new, healthier energy sources.

How this will work

Global energy consumption is influenced by two things: the number of people on the planet and the average consumption of energy per capita. Fuel demand in the next 80 years will grow to influence this humanity can not. But to meet her need in another way.

After the peak of consumption of oil, gas and coal, which could occur in the 2025-2030 years, numbers will fall by several percent a year. What will happen after? Green sources — the sun and nuclear power.

With the sun still difficult: scientists haven’t figured out how to efficiently store solar energy, although the battery of the new generation, cheaper and more energy-intensive — have already appeared on the market. With nuclear energy, everything is easier from the point of view of technology, but it is something more serious — psychological barriers and bad experiences of the past.

Technologies of VR and AR will make people couch potatoes

In 80 years the inhabitants of the cities will be less to go outside: the technology of virtual and augmented reality will reduce the need for travel. But we don’t immerse yourself in a virtual world, but rather learn to combine VR and AR with the real environment around us.

How this will work

Given the current infrastructure problems, reducing displacement the city will only benefit, at least it will reduce the traffic load. Want to ride my bike? Please just sit on a machine and wear glasses. So you don’t need to leave your home.

Change the format of the work. Freelancers suffer because of isolation from colleagues — a virtual office can unite the team, not forcing professionals working remotely, to waste time on the road.

Entertainment will become more personalized

If the inhabitants of megacities will reach the city from their hotels and coworking, in order to interact with other people, to feel part of a community and to enjoy a quality vacation.

How this will work

Personalized advertisement recommendation system of movies and TV shows, and then movies that are filmed just for you. The entertainment industry takes a step forward and begin to use the obtained data to generate a unique stories and plots for each consumer.

To communicate to help a collective of games and eSports, integrated into the urban space, and the pleasures of music and art will be more fully imagine that you can stand next to Beethoven during the performance of “Moonlight Sonata” or touch the rough surface of one of van Gogh’s paintings without harming the original.