“Games of the unconquered” carry the year due to the coronavirus

"Игры непокоренных" переносят на год из-за коронавируса

The organizing Board of the “Games of the unconquered-2020”, which was held in the Hague from 9 to 16 may, reported carry on next year because of the pandemic, COVID-19.

About it on March 19 reported on the website of Invictus Games Foundation.

“All the participants and organizers of the “Games of the unconquered-2020”, including relatives of participants, volunteers, partners, sponsors, faced with a pandemic, which is caused by a coronavirus. As a result, the organization of “Games of the unconquered – 2020″ in the Hague has become impossible”, – stated in the message.

Now the organizers are considering to move the competition in may or June 2021, “if it will allow the presence of essential facilities and resources.”

“Games undefeated” – international sporting events in the Paralympic style, founded by Prince Harry of Wales in 2014. The competition involved military personnel and veterans with disabilities acquired in the line of duty.

In 2017 for the first time Ukraine received the right to participate in “Games of the unconquered” as a participant in many military exercises and peacekeeping operations under UN auspices. In Toronto, the Ukrainian team won 14 medals.

In 2018 the national team of Ukraine on “Games undefeated” in Sydney has won 20 medals.