Gang rape: Matt Araiza released by the Bills

Gang rape: Matt Araiza released by Bills


Kicker Matt Araiza, accused of participating in the gang rape of a teenage girl, was released by the Buffalo Bills on Saturday. 

C' reported the ESPN network. Thus, the New York State team ruled that it had enough information at its disposal to cut the score with the rookie before his trial. 

Araiza had tried convince the Bills by issuing a statement on Friday.

“The facts surrounding this incident are not those reported by the prosecution or the media. I look forward to settling this matter quickly and discreetly,” he wrote.

Araiza is accused of having raped with two of his teammates a 17-year-old girl at a party held at the outside the San Diego State University campus, where he was playing.

The 22-year-old Californian had managed to convince the Bills' general staff to offer him the starting job after from training camp.