Garlic and silver: the fake money from the coronavirus that did not help

Along with coronavirus on the planet applies not only panic, but also a variety of tips about how to protect yourself from it. Not always the advice is given by qualified personnel, and the benefits are often nil. About it writes BBC.

Чеснок и серебро: фейковые средства от коронавируса, которые не помогают

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1. Garlic

Many users of social networks recommend eating garlic to prevent infection. The world health organization (who) endorsed garlic as a healthy food which has some antimicrobial properties, but there is no evidence that it protects against the new coronavirus.

By itself, garlic is not dangerous — as long as the people who use it for treatment, comply with recommendations of physicians.

But if someone starts to prefer this or other “folk” ways to prevent all others and ignore the advice of qualified professionals, it can be dangerous to your health. Vegetables and fruits are good for health, but useless to prevent infection with this new virus.

The use of garlic in large amount may itself cause problems. Newspaper the South China Morning Post, for example, reported about a woman who went to hospital with a sore throat, after eating half a kilogram of garlic.

2. “Magic supplements”

Popular YouTube blogger Jordan Sazer says that “miracle mineral Supplement” (MMS — “miracle mineral supplement”) saved from the coronavirus.

This Supplement contains chlorine dioxide. Sazer, like some other influencer, touting a “wonder drug” and up to the outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus. In January he wrote on Twitter: “chlorine Dioxide (MMS) is an effective means to kill cancer cells, but it will help to avoid infection with coronavirus”.

In 2019 the American Management on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA) has warned that the safety and efficacy of chlorine dioxide has not been proven by research and that its use may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and symptoms of severe dehydration. To the FDA joined and Supervisory services in other countries.

3. Homemade hand gel

Around the world people are snapping up the means to disinfect hands. In many stores, the inventory of disinfectant gel these days is over and the Internet gaining popularity instructions how to make gel with their hands.

However, some of these self-made gels are not suitable for human skin. Ordinary hand gels, which are now sold out in stores, typically contain not only alcohol (60-70%), and emollients that at hand is not at all.

Sometimes these recipes suggest the use of alcoholic beverages, but even the most strong of them the alcohol content rarely exceeds 60%.

4. Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is encouraged to use for protection against coronavirus by one of the guests of the TV show Jim Baker, an American television preacher. The liquid in which the dissolved tiny particles of silver, in his opinion, kills some types of coronaviruses within 12 hours. However, he acknowledged that Covid-19 he information yet.

The news that liquid silver can be effective in the fight against coronavirus, has spread on social networks, especially in communities that are skeptical of traditional medicine.

Supporters of this tool believe that it can cure different disease and act as an antiseptic and strengthens the immune system. But U.S. officials warn that the beneficial properties of colloidal silver is not proven. Moreover, its use can cause serious side effects such as kidney failure, convulsions and argyria is an irreversible discoloration of the skin.

Doctors say that, unlike iron and zinc, silver has no function in the human body.

Facebook now accompanies some of the posts about the benefits of colloidal silver with a disclaimer that they contain inaccurate information.

5. Drink water every 15 minutes

On Facebook went post, which cited a “Japanese doctor”, advising you to drink water every 15 minutes, to wash the virus from the mouth.

Physicians to this Board are skeptical: the virus enters the body through the respiratory tract. But even if the virus gets into someone’s mouth, drink of water in this case will not help. Although generally drinking water useful.

6. Drink hot water, take hot baths and to refuse ice cream

No less widely dispersed message, attributed to Unicef, about what to avoid coronavirus helps hot water: you must drink it as much as possible and spend more time in the sun, and then the coronavirus supposedly can’t get you. There are also tips to take a hot bath for the same purpose.

Charlotte Gornitzka from Unicef says: “Recently on the Internet spread false statements, allegedly made on behalf of Unicef, that you should refuse ice cream and other cold food and that this measure will help to avoid the spread of coronavirus. This, of course, a complete lie. We know that the flu virus does not survive outside the human body in the summer, but we don’t know what is the effect of high temperature on the new coronavirus.

The heat of his own body or sunbathing will not help to escape from the coronavirus, said Professor London school of hygiene and tropical medicine Sally Bloomfield. If the virus gets inside, it can handle only the body itself.

In addition, the increase in temperature outside will increase the temperature of the human body.



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