Gas in storage in Ukraine is becoming less

Reserves accumulated for the winter gas in Ukraine reduced. Thus, the volume of gas in underground storage (UGS) as of 25 January was equal to 17.24 billion cubic meters, whereas 18 Jan UGS was of 17.68 billion cubic meters. This is evidenced by the operational data “of the Operator GTS”, published on January 27.

Газа в хранилищах Украины становится всё меньше

According to state-owned companies, only for January 25 from the storage took 48.5 million cubic meters of gas. However, over the last reporting day of gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine was pumped.

In General, gas reserves in underground storage facilities decreased by 20.9%, or 4.54 billion cubic meters since the beginning of the withdrawal season. The current reserves are 48% higher than the volume of gas in underground storage facilities as of January 25, 2019.

As you know, at the time of the start of the season, the selection of UGS (November 2), the volume of stored gas for the winter exceeding 21 billion cubic meters, which is the record indicator over the last 10 years. Then “Naftogaz of Ukraine” decided for the heating season to accumulate in the vaults of a record 20 billion cubic meters in the event of termination of the Russian transit on January 1.

However, in late December, Ukraine and Russia signed a new five-year contract for gas transit. The Minister of energy and environmental protection Alexey Orzhel already noted that thanks to this agreement, Ukraine will receive in a year about 2-3 billion dollars.