Gas meters will save Ukrainians from overpayments in 2020

Installed in a private home or apartment counters do not expect to – they will not save you from overpayments. This will result in the separation of payment for gas that will work after the New year.

Газовые счетчики на спасут украинцев от переплат в 2020 году

This writes the UBR.

24 December the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU) has changed the payment procedure for the delivery of gas. Thanks to this, the Ukrainians in January will receive two innovation when paying for housing and communal services. The first one is the payment for gas will come from two separately for gas and separately for its delivery to the consumer. The second payment order for the transportation of gas in January will have to pay in advance, i.e. in January, not next month.

Such an undertaking, says Foundation co-chair of the energy strategies Dmitry marunich, Ukraine has taken on even at the conclusion of the Association agreement with the European Union, where the price of gas as a commodity separate from the price for gas distribution. This principle is already realized in the market of Ukraine, where there are operators that supply gas, and there are statements that this gas is distributed between the end consumers.

“Previously, distributors had to wait until the total payments they would receive their share for the maintenance of gas distribution systems (GDS — ed.). All in the market know that the amount allocated for maintenance in a healthy state, do not cover the costs. Now these companies will get their money, and will not wait for a gift from his master’s shoulder,” adds the expert in the field of energy and head of special projects scientific-technical center “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev.

Innovations are exclusively technical in nature, so the sum of the two payments in principle should not differ from the amount in the current “United” payment. However, some categories of Ukrainians still may suffer when you split the payroll.

According to the statements of the Regional gas company, which in this case represents the interests of operators, GDS, payment for the delivery of gas will be carried out not only in the heating season and all year round. When calculating on the basis of the consumption during the previous “gas year” (October-September). The amount of cubic meters of gas consumed per year, multiplied by the tariff for delivery, and then divided into 12 monthly payments.

This means that to pay for shipping in the coming year will have in any case — regardless of whether gas is in fact consumed or not. Because the postage is already defined consumption over the last year. In other words, gas can not use, but the payment for shipping will still have to pay.

First of all it concerns the Ukrainians, who permanently leaves the home, for example, guest workers. You should not rely on a fixed arrow on the meter — the debt will still be. This is the inevitable price to pay, experts explain, for the opportunity at any time to connect to the gas system and to buy a certain volume of gas. In such cases, not to pay for “air”, it is recommended to withdraw the services and cut off the gas completely.

However, in January effectively work and service that will make life easier for those Ukrainians who are afraid of newfangled gadgets – personal accounts on the Internet and apps in smartphones. The advantages of this will be felt first of all pensioners, which tend to consume gas a little, but the fee for payment in banks, in some cases, it may be comparable to the amount of the payment for the same delivery.

Paying for gas bills, said the RGC is possible even using an old mobile phone – it will be deducted from the mobile account. But use them only customers of the mobile operator “Kyivstar”, which takes over this service 1.5% Commission.