Gas prices in Europe to a maximum of four months

Цены на газ в Европе на максимуме за четыре месяца

Gas more expensive closer to the fall

The rising cost of gas is influenced by several factors: weather, lower supplies from Norway and LNG, as well as the growth of imports to Ukraine.

The cost of gas in Europe rose to its highest figures in four months. According to the Interfax Tuesday, 4 August, prices rose because of the hot weather, which causes an increase in energy use for air cooling.

So, the day before the price of gas at the main site of Europe Dutch TTF – jumped to $79 per thousand cubic meters (compared to $59 on average for the week).

But the weather also among the factors nazyvayutsya the level of gas supplies from Norway and LNG.

In addition, it is noted that since the beginning of August Ukraine one and a half times has increased gas imports from Europe. Shipments exceeded 100 million cubic meters per day, including more than 40 million cubic meters made up of physical reverse supplies from Slovakia and more than 60 million cubic meters of virtual reverse on the Slovak direction.

In the gas hub in Baumgarten, Austria – this gas comes through Ukraine gas price increased to $92 per thousand cubic meters (from an average of $76 last week).

It is worth noting that Naftogaz angling July raised the cost of gas for the population(7.2% — up to 2 297,53 UAH per thousand cubic meters without VAT, margins of gatsbies and delivery) for the first time since the beginning of the year.

And since August, Ukraine abolished state regulation of prices for gas for the population. Now the value of a market.