Gas prices in Ukraine have fallen

The head of the Operator GTS of Ukraine Sergey Makogon said that the cost of energy in the domestic market of Ukraine, due to the fall in gas prices in Europe, fell to 1 860 hryvnias per thousand cubic meters.

As the Wave passes, this he wrote on his Facebook page.

Цены на газ в Украине обвалились

The makohon said that the presence of alternative routes of gas supplies to Ukraine, and also free import gas into the country ensures fair pricing for consumers of Ukraine.

“As a result, following the decline of gas prices in the EU, the price of gas in Ukraine decreased to 1860 UAH per thousand cubic meters”, – he wrote.

Makogon also noted that in Ukraine in recent weeks, gas imports have stabilized at around 44 million cubic meters per day. Moreover, after the launch of the joint point and virtual reverse from Hungary from may 1, this area became the main supply route with a share of almost 50% of the total import volume.

According to him, Slovakia dropped to second place with 34%, and Poland has significantly grown to 16 percent. Moreover, the virtual reverse imports more than half of the total.

“I am sure that after you start a virtual point on the border Poland-Ukraine this direction will become more interesting, but it all depends on what will set the rate on the Polish side,” – says Makogon.

It should be noted that the price of imported gas for Ukrainian enterprises in April amounted to us $122,55 (3318 UAH) per 1 thousand cubic meters, which is 20.2% less than in March.

Earlier “Wave” wrote that according to the consulting group “A-95”, for the past three years, liquefied natural gas took gasoline 30% of the market.

In 2019 the Ukrainian market of motor fuel in total was 10.8 million tons. Of which diesel fuel had 7 million tons of petrol and 1.8 million tons and liquefied gas — a little more than 2 million tons.