Gaspésie: a monument of gastronomic heritage ravaged by flames

Gaspésie: a monument of gastronomic heritage ravaged by flames


An important page in the history of Gaspé gastronomy is turned with the fire at the Gargantua restaurant in Percé, which occurred overnight from Saturday to Sunday. 

“The Gargantua was an institution for Percé for so long. It was run by great people and visited by great people,” commented Mayor Cathy Poirier, who learned the news via social media on Sunday morning.

The alert was issued at 8 h 08, Sunday morning, by a citizen. When the firefighters arrived, there was nothing left and they extinguished a few sources of fire that were still burning.

No one would have seen the fire, because a thick fog was over the city during the night.

The building has hosted, among others over the years, the French President François Mitterrand in 1987 or the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre-Elliot Trudeau on the isolated site at the top of the Failles road which gave a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

The Sûreté du Québec opened an investigation to find out more about this fire, which was considered suspicious since the building had no fire. electricity.

The Gargantua opened its doors in 1959 by a couple arriving from Brittany and the last meals were served in the summer of 2011. Since then, the site has been abandoned and victim of squatters.

A developer acquired it last year to build a four-season hotel. Zoning changes were required to allow the project to proceed.