Gastroenterologist: stretch stomach is not as easy as many people think

When we sit down we diet in a few impossible begins to seem that the stomach is decreased and contains already such a large amount of food.

Гастроэнтеролог: растянуть желудок не так просто, как многие думают

But when we roll the dice in the arms of cake, on the contrary, he seems to be “bottomless”. Gastroenterologist from USA Kyle Stoller says that the process of stretching of the stomach is more complex than people think.
“Indeed, the stomach is an organ that is capable of stretching and shrinking. In a sense, it resembles our muscles, we can “play” with their performance through training. But changing the natural data impossible. There are people stomach which is able to strong stretching, such as those involved in eating hot dogs at a time. And there are those who have this opportunity is very limited”. says Kyle Stoller.

How is the process of stretching?

When you eat food, it falls to the bottom of the stomach, and there starts to be shared – to do this, the stomach need a little “stretch” the bottom. On average, food is in the stomach for 4 hours, then it enters the small intestine. Immediately after that, the stomach acquires former size.
“Stretching can occur only when the person does not leave your stomach empty, then indeed it may take a bit longer to accommodate large amounts of food.” – continued Stoller.

Correct and reverse the situation. If you eat enough food, your stomach may lose the ability to accommodate large volumes, although we cannot say that the amount of its decrease. It just becomes like a poorly-trained muscle, which is not in a position to bear the extra load.