“Gazprom” announced the introduction of the new prices for the Yamal contract

“Gazprom” has agreed to amend the bill for the supply of gas to the Polish PGNiG after the decision of the arbitration on the change of the price formula of the contract.

«Газпром» заявил о введении новых цен для Ямальского контракта

This was reported by the press service of the Polish company — reports Hvilya.

“”Gazprom” declares about implementation of the new pricing terms for the Yamal contract. Gazprom has said it will adjust the invoice for gas deliveries in March and April 2020. The statement of “Gazprom” meets expectations, PGNiG for full and immediate execution of the decision of the Arbitration court”, — is spoken in the message.

Previously, the Stockholm arbitration court took the decision to adjust the price formula in the contract for the supply of gas to Poland through the pipeline “Yamal-Europe”.

However, “Gazprom” continued to exhibit PGNiG account on the old formula and not yet returned awarded by the Polish party compensation overpayment of $1.5 billion (109,3 billion).

As already reported, the Minister of public assets Poland Janusz Kowalski suggested to arrest the assets of the gas pipeline Nord stream — 2 for forced collection of funds from Gazprom by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court.

In turn, the head of the Operator GTS of Ukraine Sergey Makogon said he was ready to provide underground storage for gas to Russian “Gazprom”.