Gazprom disassemble the pipes through which the gas goes to Ukraine

Газпром демонтирует трубы, по которым газ идет в Украину

Gazprom will soon abandon the Ukrainian GTS

The Russians want to destroy even the theoretical possibility of gas transit through Ukraine in the future, said the head of the Operator GTS.

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom began the dismantling of pipes on the territory of the Russian Federation, according to which gas is delivered to Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS (OHTSU) Sergey Makogon in an interview with OilPoint, published on Monday, June 15.

“Now that Gazprom has started to dismantle the pipes on its territory, in which the gas is supplied to the border with Ukraine is a problem, but we especially can not influence. In fact, they want to destroy even the theoretical possibility of gas transit through Ukraine in the future,” said Makogon.

The head OHTSU noted that the company will not abandon the “small transit” – the use of targeted procurement by Europeans.

“Yes, power will be less, but we can do small volumes of transit – 20-30 billion cubic meters. It will be held the same pipe, which will happen and inland transportation,” added Makogon.

According to him, the Operator GTS has focused its capital investments on the objects that will be used and no transit of Russian gas. The makohon does not support the scenario of crushing GTS into separate parts for transit services in the internal market of Ukraine, since this idea is not consistent with the logic of the gas market of the EU.

If the contract with Gazprom will not be renewed, the Operator GTS will focus on gas supplies for its customers.

“Cut, we can spare it and work for domestic supply, imports, storage and production”, – concluded Makogon.

Earlier makohon stated that the operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine received 25 billion for transit of Russian gas under the new contract. Up to 2025, Ukraine expects to earn on the transit of Russian gas to $ 7 billion.

It is known that in January-may, Gazprom exported via the GTS in Europe with 20 billion cubic meters of gas. This is twice below last year’s figures.

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