Gazprom paid for the transit of 30% of the Operator GTS

Газпром переплатит за транзит 30% — Оператор ГТС

The transit of Russian gas fell more than expected

The Russian company does not use a fully paid up the volume of transporting gas through the Ukrainian GTS.

In 2020 the transit of Russian gas will fall below the mandatory amounts, so Gazprom will overpay about 30%, said Thursday, July 23,the head of the Operator GTS of Ukraine Sergey Makogon.

He reminded that this year Gazprom is obliged to pump 65 billion cubic meters of gas, but OHTSU expect that the actual volume will reach 52 to 55 billion cubic meters.

The forecast is based on the fact thatin the first half of Gazprom used 77% of booked capacity, pumping 150 to 152 million cubic meters per day.

Note, in the next four years, Gazprom is obliged to pay for the transit of at least 45 billion cubic meters of gas.

Note, for six months in 2020 is implemented gas amounted to 24.9 billion cubic meters, which is 45% less than in the first half of last year 45.1 billion cubic meters.