Gazprom rewrote stake in Nord Stream on “daughter”

Газпром переписал долю в Nord Stream на «дочку»

Photo: Reuters

Now the project North stream is owned by the Gazprom international projects

The Russian company re-registered his controling stake in the project to a subsidiary of the company.

Russian Gazprom transferred its share (51%) in the project company Nord stream gas pipeline (Nord Stream AG) in a subsidiary company Gazprom international projects, says Interfax.

“The share in Nord Stream AG are transferred to OOO Gazprom international projects in the framework of improving the efficiency of assets management of Gazprom — the company said.

It is worth noting that OOO Gazprom international projects have appeared in the group of the gas holding in March.

Earlier the company was called the Russian Gazprom (the name of Russkaya compressor station, the departure point of the pipeline Turkish stream). It was to be the operator of the pipeline Turkish stream, but it was built by another “daughter” – South Stream Transport B. V. earlier LTD was called kovyktaneftegaz, it went to Gazprom in the structure of assets of OJSC RUSIA petroleum.

Nord Stream is an international consortium of five major European energy companies, was established in 2005 for design, construction and operation of the pipeline, consisting of two lines with a length of 1224 km under the Baltic sea.

We will remind, on July 19, the new sanctions against North flow-2анонсировал the head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo. He assured that the measures affected all companies who help to complete the construction of the Russian pipeline.

In Germanification responded to the statement of Ssao sanctions against Nord stream-2. At the same primacies supported sanctions.