“Gazprom” threatens to €50 million fine

Against “Gazprom” has sued the Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKiK for failure to submit information in the course of antitrust investigations.

«Газпрому» грозит до €50 млн штрафа

As the Wave passes, this is stated on the website of the regulator.

In this regard, “Gazprom” threatens to €50 million fine.

It is noted that they say about contracts that have entered into a subsidiary company “Gazprom” with the companies financing the construction of “Nord stream-2”. It is emphasized that this transportation contract, sale, distribution, supply and storage of gas fuel.

In addition to UOKiK explained that the regulator in 2018, has accused the six companies in the financing of construction without legal permits. These companies are part of international group of companies: “Gazprom”, Uniper, Engie, OMV, Shell and Wintershall.

Moreover, despite the request to UOKiK, “Gazprom” in the beginning of this year, refused several times to provide documents relevant to the case.

Gazprom” can act outside the law, so I filed a case against “Gazprom” the case of the imposition of a penalty for failure to provide information during the ongoing proceedings, “–said the Chairman of UOKiK Tomas Grustna.

Earlier “Wave” wrote that in Europe the price of gas has fallen dramatically because of reduced consumption against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

Thus, at the end of may at the site of TTF thousand cubic metres of gas was trading for $ 45, and the NBP is less than $ 40.

Meanwhile, the regulated prices of the Russian “Gazprom” in the region (the main region of gas production in Russia) $ 38 per thousand cubic meters.