Gena VITER and Poligraf Sharikoff made a real battle on stage

On the stage of the Kyiv Palace “October” was held by the Duo of Gena VITER and Poligraf Sharikoff, captivated the audience with his track and music video “I catch the good times roll”.

Gena VITER и Полиграф Шарикоff устроили настоящий батл на сцене

Note that the artists made a real battle during the performance of songs together, which had become a national hit. One had the feeling that the artists decided to measure his manhood in front of almost two thousand audience.

It was clear that Gena VITER is not going to take the position, and despite all attempts known Belarusian to pull the attention of the public in the audience pumped their shapes, the vocals of singer Gena VITER in three octaves did the trick. The audience gave a standing ovation and chanted the name Gena VITER, which clearly hurt the author “netlenki” “Black Bumer”.

And after the song was untied serious war of words between artists. Polygraph wished to reach a colleague the same heights as he did what Gena VITER parried a hard-ass joke, saying that there are two constant values — Indian movies and song Serega. Unable to bear the irony, the polygraph lifted my coat and forcibly pulled it to the artist.

Perhaps growing with incredible speed the popularity of the artist Gena VITER is haunted by the Polygraph Sharikov, but many noted that the relationship between the singers blew chill.