General rules of nutrition under stress

In addition to products, important also the environment in which you eat

Общие правила питания при стрессе

If you realize that you are constantly under stress and worry, to help fix the situation can proper nutrition. The basic rules of how and what you should eat, said the expert-trichologist Elena Yarutkina on his page in Instagram.

General rules of power under stress:

  • Mandatory Breakfast! And it is better after sleep! To give glucose in the blood
  • Fractional power in the 1st half of the day, if there is no insulin resistance (IR)
  • The diet should be normal amount of protein and good fats, complex carbs. Better all in one meal
  • It is not necessary to reduce caloric intake, if there is no excess weight. Lean and quicker all burn away your stress. If a little fuel, cortisol will start to break down muscle.

To limit or remove:

  • Alcohol
  • All drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks) and all carbonated drinks
  • To limit potassium: veal, beans, beans, bananas, figs, dried apricots
  • Remove simple carbohydrates! That is all sweet. Limit fruit (the best fruit is a vegetable) or consumed with a low glycemic index (GI). On the Internet there are tables on the GOP.
  • All junk food: fried, grilled, fast food, etc the Body is already in stress, not add more and proinflammatory products

You need to use:

1. Good fats:

  • Omega-3 — reduce the impact of mental stress on the body + anti-inflammatory effect. Sources of omega-3: sardines, herring, mackerel, halibut, wild salmon and meat
  • Amaranth oil 1 tsp/day
  • Coconut oil extra virgin
  • Nuts
  • Avocados and other healthy fats

2. Complex carbohydrates: vegetables (preferably low GI), greens, grits

3. To enrich the diet sodium: herring, marinated olives, cheese, sauerkraut, canned (preferably homemade, of course), shrimp.

It is important and how you eat! If in a hurry, parallel to the distraction of the phone and the case, this meal will only add to nervous tension. Eat in comfort. This is especially true of Breakfast, when the body of the already tense due to awakening. Better to get up 20 min earlier and eat in peace, than convulsively to swallow even the most healthy food.