Gentle hugs: Kirkorov congratulated Loboda candid photos

Нежные обнимашки: Киркоров поздравил Лободу откровенным фото

Pop king Philip Kirkorov couldn’t stay away from congratulating celebrating its 37th birthday of Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda and did it with a frivolous picture.

On the photo Philip Bedrosovich hugs singer, while his hand is somewhere between the chest and the waist Svetlana, showing deep cleavage.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPERSTAR!”— wrote the book on the page, and the crowd of commentators immediately began to discuss “hot” artists embrace.

Нежные обнимашки: Киркоров поздравил Лободу откровенным фото

Most users, of course, endorsed his congratulations: “Great picture. Philip you look with Svetlana great!” “Happy Birthday to Your friend!”, “Happy birthday!!! Love, happiness, good luck and further creative success!”.

Traditionally, it was not without a drop of tar from haters who even called the singer “sexyboi Cyrus”, “Well that sexiboy Cyrus I hope you happy now?”

Got full and the Ukrainian Loboda: “no superstar-the talented but vulgar. Our Christina is better!” “Victim of plastic surgery, just a little bit Alentova”, “look at this “superstar”! Do not understand that bare it “pancakes” disgust!”, “Spaniel ears”.

Meanwhile, Svetlana herself did not really pay attention to the hurtful comments of detractors. As you know, Loboda decided to start the celebration before dawn, and it was accompanied by a 56-year-old leader of Rammstein till Lindemann. In fact, the singer just stopped hiding his affair with a musician.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Svetlana Loboda published in Instagram a new photo, and said that absolutely happy. The singer admitted that now she is in love and feels the same. And dreams that these feelings never ends.

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