Geographical oddity in the waters of the Amazon

Географический курьез в водах Амазонки

Among miracles, the greatest on earth the water basin of the Amazon there is a geographical oddity — island Amondawa.

According to the definition, it is really “piece of land surrounded by water”. And he appeared at the whim of one hundred tributaries of the Amazon river Araguaia, open at the sleeves to link up in TRESTA fifty kilometers downstream.

River island cut off from the world as if he was lying somewhere realties far, far away in the ocean. And this largely determined the fate of islanders — Indians Amondawa.

Their village is perched on a high promontory, a few dozen huts, huddled together; one cabin on departure — it maloka, the occupant of the sorcerer, where permitted to enter the women and men, the outsiders. And the area in front of the hut — the place for celebrations and a gathering place for hunters and fishermen.