George Clooney had grown a thick beard

Famous actor George Clooney decided to change the image, having grown a dense beard. In the corresponding Hollywood star appeared at the conference Nordic Business Forum, held in Finland.

Джордж Клуни отрастил густую бороду

Appearing before a business conference, George Clooney joked about his appearance. In particular, the 58-year-old actor said that with a beard like the prophet Moses. Also, the Hollywood star did not hide the fact that his wife Amal Clooney has a negative attitude to the dense vegetation on the face of the beloved. At the same time, he did not explain whether the image change with the new role, or is it just his desire. Speaking at the event, the guest star added that he admires his wife and parents, triggering applause in the hall.

For George Clooney, this visit to Finland was the first. In Helsinki, the manufacturer capsule coffee actively invited the actor to drink a Cup of this drink, knowing of the love of celebrity to him.