“Georgia is not Russia”, – the organizers of the Rugby world Cup have criticized

"Грузия – это не Россия", – организаторов Кубка мира по регби подвергли критике

Head coach of Georgian Rugby Milton Haig and team captain Jaba Bregvadze has criticized the organizers of the world Cup, which started in Japan, due to playing a song Valeriy Meladze in Russian during the match of their team against the national team of Uruguay (33:7), informs “Georgia Online”.

Note, that after each implemented by the Georgian Rugby players attempt, the organizers included a song Meladze called “What do you want from me.”

Apparently, such a musical background, the organizers wanted to welcome “borjghalosnebi”.

“Used in the game the music was Russian. In this regard, I want to clearly emphasize that Russia is not Georgia, but Georgia is not Russia. We have different languages, different cultures… It would be nice if the international Rugby Board showed more attention toward this issue,” said an Australian specialist.

“I want to take a moment and contact the staff that organizes matches. During this game many times included Russian melody. It would be good if this error is not repeated,” says his mentor Bregvadze.

The Rugby world Cup takes place from September 20 to November 2, in 12 cities. The final will take place at the stadium in Yokohama.

In total, the tournament involved 20 teams divided into four groups in the Champions League quarter-finals the top two teams from each group.

The world Cup is held every four years, the first draw was held in 1987. The winner of the 2015 tournament for the third time was the team New Zealand, which is the most titled team in the world.