Georgian TV channel has refused to dismiss a journalist insulted Putin


Грузинский телеканал отказался увольнять журналиста, оскорбившего Путина

Georgian broadcaster Giorgi Gabunia will not be dismissed from the TV channel “Rustavi 2”, but only temporarily suspended. Swearing on television to the Russian President acknowledged the lack of reason for the dismissal.

Whatever may be said Gabunia, as if this is unacceptable it was for us to channel for someone else, it’s completely within the law and the Constitution. And to solve this question can only be the management of the channel “Rustavi-2“, — noted the General Director of TV channel Nika Gvaramia in the air “Gromadska”.

The decision about the journalist took the Board of TV channel on ethics. Appealed this verdict is not subject. Dissatisfied because of the statements of the journalist Gvaramia was advised just to change the channel. “But I assure you, after this, the channel’s rating only increased, “added the CEO.

Meanwhile, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov hinted that the leadership of the TV channel “Rustavi 2” at the same time with his journalist, otherwise I would have hid the TV host “family fences”. Kadyrov in his Telegram-channel burst into a coarse epithets against the leader, called him “a disgrace to the Georgian people” and calls on Russia to impose additional sanctions against Georgia because of the incident on TV.

The incident on television and in Russia and in Georgia reacted very sharply, as has not yet subsided outrage at the antics of the Russian Deputy in the Georgian Parliament. Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia continues to investigate the riots in Tbilisi that followed parliamentary developments, and the building of the Georgian Parliament on 8 July gathered to protest with the requirement to dismiss the Minister of internal Affairs. In the crowd threw bottles, there are victims and detainees.

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