German media reported that Khodorkovsky, what extremes can go ‘mafia’ Putin and his syndicate to raise the fallen rating (PHOTO)


Opposition politician and critic of the Kremlin, the former owner of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave an interview to the German media, which is extremely sharply responded about the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

However, according to him, thanks to the actions of the current owner of the Kremlin, and also the emergence in the post-Soviet space, President of the new formation – Vladimir Zelensky, the Russians are getting closer to an uprising against Putin’s system. “The great problem for Russia” is the new President of Ukraine, Khodorkovsky said on Tuesday, speaking to reporters in Berlin. Zelensky, in his words, shows to Russians that the democratic change of power is indeed possible.

“Russians are tired of Putin. As well as Brezhnev in the early 1980-ies. You can see all the jokes that go on today, the Putin – Khodorkovsky was quoted by Der Tagesspiegel. – In Russia for six years of falling living standards, even if the official statistics sometimes it is otherwise.” And the rating once-beloved President has fallen to historically minimal – only 31,7% of Russians trust him.

Today Russia is closer to the uprising against Putin’s system than before, says Khodorkovsky. This can be seen now on the emerging environmental protests. “These protests in fact it is not about the environment,” says Khodorkovsky. They, according to him, most of the evidence of the disappointment people system malfunction”.

The contradiction between observed reality and actual political action in Russia, Khodorkovsky expressed by the following comparison: “Imagine you, along with 100 other people being held prisoner in the room. The invader has a gun. If you pounce on him, he may not kill 100 prisoners, but will probably kill you themselves”.

The Russians, according to Khodorkovsky, at the moment, waiting for the invader will get tired. But the oppressive structures in the system Putin still functioning. The President can resist the desire for political change fuelled by the new Ukrainian President Zelensky. Including at the expense of international conflict. For example, using previously known means of pressure: gas exports to Ukraine – possible to tighten the gas valve, preferably in the winter, so the people can see that Zelensky is a bad President.

According to German tabloid Bild, the loss of confidence among the population is for Putin the issue is because of the personality behind it feel safe until he has a good rating.

And when the rating becomes worse, they start to get nervous. In response to this, in foreign policy, Putin has to rely on the armed forces, which is happening now. However, as the head of the Russian Federation becomes more dependent on his army, he also can not like. After all, Russian generals can come to the idea that one day they could live without the person who so loses credibility among the population, Khodorkovsky said the publication Bild.

In his opinion, in order to regain his reputation, Putin relies on “creating the strongest possible image of the enemy. It needs to create the impression that the Americans want to attack Russia. And that’s why he will try to provoke.” “Mind, of course, come to Syria and Venezuela. But both conflicts are very disliked among Russians. So I rather assume that it will aggravate the situation in Europe. For example, in Kosovo” – quoted interview to the Russian opposition InoPressa.

“The West needs to say goodbye to the idea that the Putin regime is absolutely normal with the government’s values and objectives in the sense in which they are known in Europe. The Kremlin is the Almighty monopoly in Russia… It does look like there are different institutions and actors, but that’s cheating. I mean the structure behind the Ministers. This mafia structures familiar from organized crime. Putin grew up and brought it to perfection. He’s a mobster, who runs the Russian management system, as a criminal syndicate,” said Khodorkovsky.

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